Over the Moon for Newborn Photos

Jackie and Troy were married in August 2015 and I had the honor of taking their wedding photos. I was so excited to get an email from Jackie almost exactly two years later letting me know they were expecting their first baby in October 2017 and wanted an in-home newborn session.

We penciled in three different dates around her due date and remained in contact about what they envisioned for their newborn photos. 

As the session got closer, Jackie sent me five images, one of which was a pumpkin swaddle and hat they purchased since Aria would be born around Halloween. However, babies often have their own plans and mid-September Jackie was induced early due to blood pressure complications.

Despite being born early, Aria could go home with no hospital stay. We moved up her newborn session to Sept 29th, 10 days after she was born, and perfect timing as the best window for taking newborn pictures is 5-10 days after birth. 

With Aria being born in the fall, I wanted to bring in fall colors, specifical hues for 2017, such as the deep red and pale pink flowers. We also wanted to play on their last name, Moon. I brought tiny stars and we also took photos in the nursery, as Jackie had creatively placed all of the stars above Aria’s crib. 

We decided to keep the pumpkin photo in the shot list for the newborn session, and I added a subtle pumpkin patch vibe by including a rustic crate and muted tones. It was important not to compete with the vibrancy of the bright orange pumpkin.

To complete the session, I had them sit under the wedding photos I had taken a few years prior to show the full circle this family has come. This was a beautiful session with a wonderful family.  

baby swaddled in basket

baby with rose tieback

swaddled baby feet

Swaddled pumpkin baby

The moon and stars swaddled baby

Baby with bear and flower tieback

Sleeping baby in beanie

new family beneath wedding photos

new baby in nursery

smiling with baby

Moon and stars butterfly kisses

family with new baby

mom with new baby

mom and new baby hugs

wedding ring and new baby

dad with new baby

baby girl in dads arms

dad and baby girl cuddles

dad and baby girl kiss

Baby girls feet and wedding rings


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