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All About Smash Cake Sessions

All About Smash Cake Sessions
A smash cake session is a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s first year (or other important birthday). These sessions create beautiful photos, but there are a number of things to consider so that this session goes well for everyone. 
The Overall Flow of the One-Year Session Your session ends with the cake smash, so here’s what you can expect for the your photo session:  -Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes and the plan is crafted around your family: the number of family members, sets, and outfit changes -The session will begin with milestone photos with a simple backdrop where the goal is to capture the personality of your little one  -Next come photos with parents and siblings; we aim to get a solo photo with each parent, solo with the sibling(s) and then a family photo -After all family photos are done, there is an outfit change and the smash cake backdrop and props are set up.

Your child “Smashing the cake” -Keep in mind that every child is different. We …

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