Newborn Photos for the Second Child

newborn baby boy swaddled with smile
As a photographer, I meet many amazing families, but I also love when I can photograph families I am already friends with. As an only child, friendships were that much more important growing up, and Brandon, Dad to Baby Oliver, was a friend from school that became like a brother to me when he and I were roomates.

I also went to school with the older sister of Oliver’s mom, Cassidy. It was magical when Brandon and Cassidy met, fell in love, got married, and then added two boys to their family. It has been fun for me to watch a childhood friend growing up, and to help document the time through photography. As a mom with two boys close in age, I can relate to what it's like when adding another little one to the family and I’m so excited to see their family grow.

For Cassidy and Brandon’s first son, Benji, we did a maternity and newborn session and they wanted to celebrate Oliver in a similar way. We decided to tie-in elements of Benji’s newborn session, but in a way that would still be unique for Oliver.

Cassidy loves elephants, so for Benji’s original session, we had Walnut Creek crochet company, KatTastic Krochet, knit an adorable, custom made, elephant outfit. For Benji’s session, we stylized him on a fluffy white flokati wearing the adorable elephant hat. But for baby brother Oliver, I had him in a faux-fur long pile layering white blanket posed inside an earth tone crate, wrapped in a gray knit stretch wrap along with the adorable elephant hat. I wanted to have the same element but showcased in a unique way for each boy.

Similarly, for Benji, we took a photo of him in a tiny bed; it was very simplistic with him laying on a blanket that was gifted from a dear friend along with his name in a banner strung from one side to another. For Oliver, I knew I wanted to do a similar photo but in a different way. My Dad is a hobbyist craftsman and made a custom log bed with matching nightstand finished with a light that was reclaimed from my grandfather's old barn. I paired this with a fox outfit Cassidy liked to finish the look for the set. 

I also made sure in this session to show off how tiny baby Oliver is. I love adding details that show just how small newborns are. In this session, I added a ring shot, which was unique because Brandon gifted Cassidy a beautiful diamond ring following the birth of Oliver. I included their wedding bands along with the beautiful gift Brandon gave, tying in their love and marriage that led to this beautiful baby.

I am so happy to have captured these adorable photos for such an amazing family!

Newborn baby swaddled in crate
Newborn baby hands by face swaddled
newborn baby boy swaddled and looks like elephant
newborn baby boy elephant
newborn toes
newborn hands
newborn dressed as a fox
newborn dressed as a fox in log bed
newborn dressed as fox
newborn laying in earth tones
newborn laying on tummy
newborn baby boy back
newborn baby boy strong arm
newborn tucked in with blue blanket
newborn lips
newborn hands
Shane Company newborn ring toes
newborn laying on tummy
brothers newborn brother
newborn with Dad

Newborn baby boy with dad looking
newborn baby with dad kissing
Dad son and newborn baby boy
newborn baby brother and big brother
family of four
mom and baby boy
newborn baby boy and mom
Nose to nose with baby boy and mom
newborn with mom and dad
dad kissing moms head with newborn
mom dad baby boy


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