Photographing a Wedding at Home

jasmin and rob darlington wedding photos

When Jasmin and Rob first contacted me, they had recently been married at City Hall in San Francisco. They were planning a reception at their home in Martinez and wanted a photographer who would be able to take both romantic photos of the two of them along with family photos.

I am excited to share what we captured of their day, because it is part what they originally envisioned, and it is also so much more. 

Even for something that is seemingly simple, like an at-home wedding reception, I strongly suggest consultations. No matter how large or small the wedding, a consultation with the bride, groom, and photographer is a great way to not only ensure we’re on the same page, but can elevate the final product.

I met with Jasmin and Rob the week of their reception, reviewing the pros and cons of their home for photos. It was at this time that I learned they were adding a small ceremony instead of just the reception, providing more opportunities for photographs. With their wedding being in June, and during the middle of the day, we would be taking photos in the heat, with maximum brightness. Although their home had trees, I could see that there would not be enough shade for the beautiful, romantic photos of the couple or the family photos that they envisioned. 

This is why the consultation and planning stage is so important! 

Thankfully, around the corner from their home is a park with open, golden fields and eucalyptus trees. Although it was not the original direction they envision, I suggested that we meet at their home, take romantic, candid images and then move to the park. This was the perfect location for family formals and the eucalyptus grove provided a beautiful spot for romantic photos. Though the original goal was to have everything done before guests arrived, they not only loved the idea, but added an additional hour to include the ceremony and details and candid photos of the guests. I am so happy we did this. Their reception had so many beautiful details!

During the consultation, I also learned that Rob likes to play the guitar. Little details like this are important to share with your photographer so that they can be incorporated into photo ideas and the final shot list. Knowing that Rob plays guitar, I wanted a romantic photo of him playing for Jasmin, and I photographed the wedding rings posed on the strings of the guitar as a fun way to tie it all in.

On the day of the reception, despite being a very warm day with extra bright sun, I was prepared thanks to the consultation. I came ready to deal with the sunlight for that time of day and had a shot list which allowed me to transition from one goal shot to the next. I was thankful that they agreed to my suggestion to move the family formals and romantic photos to the park; it not only created a beautiful backdrop but also gave the bride and groom some separation from the stresses of having a wedding in their home. Jasmin and Rob created a beautiful celebration, and I am honored to be the one to tell the story of the wedding reception they hosted at home.

jasmin and rob darlington

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