Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photography

There are so many moments in your baby’s first year that you probably want to capture. That’s why I started the “grow with me” package which allows families to have photographs of milestones throughout your baby’s first year.

I know that it can feel overwhelming to commit to a long-term plan when you’ve never worked with a photographer before, but the families I’ve worked with in this way have been so happy that we did. Some photographers are very specialized and may focus on only one type of photography; I enjoy all ages of babies and families and developed the “grow with me” package as my clients continued to call for ongoing work.

I met Peggy and Mario when they were searching for a photographer. I actually meet a number of new clients this way: potential clients usually ask their friends or within Facebook groups for moms for photographer recommendations. I am always honored when my name comes up! Peggy and Mario already had one son, Tim, and were looking for a photographer that has experience with family, maternity, and newborn photos, and several of my past clients recommended me.

After a phone meeting, Peggy and Mario felt that I would be the right match. If I hadn’t been, that would have been okay- you’re inviting someone into your life to capture your very important moments. If you don’t feel comfortable with a potential photographer, then they’re probably not the right fit for you.

The family of three relocated here from Germany; Peggy and Mario wanted to document this time, as they had taken photos in Germany of Tim when he was born and wanted to do the same for Emma.

Before the newborn session, we did a holiday family session at Lake Temescal Regional Recreation Area in Oakland. Following the session, I helped them design a beautiful Christmas card which they sent to their family and friends Germany. I felt honored to receive a card as well, along with a homemade Christmas cake; baking in the winter and sharing cakes with friends and family is part of Peggy and Mario’s holiday traditions. The recipe they use is from the region where they are from called Saxony. The cake was so delicious that my husband kept relocating it in the fridge hoping that I would think it was gone; he wanted to eat it all himself!Following the holiday session, we did Peggy’s maternity session at the Lafayette Reservoir. We were fortunate to have a break from the rain during the wettest year on record and took some beautiful photos of Peggy, Mario, and Tim. As it turns out, we were lucky that Emma didn’t show up- she was born only 16 days later!Emma made her arrival on March 16th and I visited the family at home for their newborn photo session. Though I talk with the family about plans for the session, and I bring props, rugs, and blankets to create beautiful photos, I never know what someone’s home may present as inspiration for a photo. As I was washing my hands (as I do for safety during all newborn sessions), I noticed the most incredible bathroom floor and knew I needed to include that in our session.I already had an idea in mind for Emma curled up in a bowl, using beautiful natural tones and materials. Taking the photo on their floor took that photograph to another level. I had to squeeze into a tiny bathroom to get the photo, and it was worth it! I love that you don’t always get to see what goes on behind the scenes, but you see the amazing end result. When family and friends live so far away, photography is one of the few things that can help a family feel near during such a special time. I am looking forward to the next part of our “grow with me” package! 


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