Newborn Photos Inspired by the Movie, "Up"

Katrina and Christopher love the movie “Up” so much that it was the theme for their wedding and for their baby, Christopher Grayson’s, nursery. It made perfect sense for this new family of three that “Up” would be a part of their newborn photos as well.

We had a week to plan our session and Katrina sent me inspirational images before the session occurred. Based on the images and the “Up”-inspired nursery, we worked together to plan our list of goal photos for the session. 

Working with any family, there is often planning about what photos we are aiming for; however, it is when the session happens that creativity often takes flight.

Chris’ sister made a cake topper for their wedding, which we used for photos along with hot air balloons from the nursery (made especially for Baby Grayson by his aunt). We had a vision for some of the photos that could only be accomplished with creativity and teamwork.

Chris held the two hot air balloons, attached to fishing wire. He had to work hard to keep the balloons in place while standing outside the frame. Katrina was just out of frame as well keeping an eye on Grayson, making sure he stayed safe. As beautiful as these photos are, and how it all came together, a baby’s safety is much more important than the final photo.

 While in our session, we chatted about the cute suitcases they had used as part of the décor. Katrina mentioned these had also been a part of their wedding and that it would be neat to pose Grayson in them. This was a perfect example of being creative, using the setting, and gave another beautiful connection to their wedding.

Another moment I loved that seemed so simple was taking photos of Chris and Katrina’s wedding rings on Grayson’s feet. On their wedding day, this traditional photo was missed by their photographer so we wanted to include it in their newborn session. I personally love tying in wedding rings as it is symbolic of the love that brought these tiny cute feet into this world. In this case, it was all the more meaningful as the family finally has photos of their wedding rings.

Through this team effort, we were able to take photos that would have been beautiful anyway (because let’s face it, babies are beautiful no matter where you take photos of them), and elevate the final product to something amazingly personalized and meaningful to the family.


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