Last Minute Change: Gorgeous Heather Farms Photos

It’s amazing to me how photography can capture stories, emotions, and memories and yet, you don’t always see the whole picture. This session with the Ternate family is one of those. The setting is gorgeous, the family is happy, and I love how the final photos turned out.

But the truth? We canceled their original session due to rain and when I arrived at Borges Ranch on the reshoot day, it was closed! I always try and get to locations a few minutes early to scope out the lighting and plan locations at the site by looking at what trees are in bloom, where there is texture like leaves on the ground, and how the level of upkeep of the site will work in our photos. I also like to be aware of any other events that are going on so that I have a game plan when the clients arrive. But due to the weather damage, Borges Ranch was closed with no word of when it would reopen.

Photographers need to be many things, and quick on your feet is important for many reasons, especially when you have to change location at the last minute. I couldn’t have asked for a more flexible family; Betsy and Mark went with the change and headed over to Heather Farms in Walnut Creek with Marcus and big brother Alex. 

It’s always stressful for me when I have to change plans on clients, especially when we haven’t worked together before, and it’s something I avoid at all costs. When a family is trusting of me and the changes I suggest, it gives us the best chances of photographs they love and I appreciated how trusting the Ternate’s were. Even though we hadn’t worked together before, I had worked with Mark’s sister on her maternity and newborn sessions; when Mark mentioned they wanted professional family photos done, I was so thankful that they called me. I’m proud that I’ve built my business based on referrals and get to work with families and their extended families and friends.

My goal is always to provide what my clients are looking for, whether that’s location or a certain feel in the photos. I am so glad that the Ternate’s trusted me enough to make a change from our plans. Heather Farms is always a beautiful place to take photos at, but we ended up lucking out. The weather provided even cloud cover which gave us beautiful light. I was even able to photograph in areas that normally I’m not able to and ended up with some gorgeous photos we never could have planned for, like the one where we see the family’s reflection in the water. Without the recent rain and the cloud coverage from the passing storms, we never would have had this photo.

Even though I can’t control the weather (I wish I could!), I always want to deliver photos the clients are thrilled about. Having a family that was so flexible and willing to go with my suggestions gave us a great family photo session.


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