Creating a Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Bride walking down isle

Many couples meet when the stars align, and for Lauren and Mike, it was as if they were meant to be. Lauren’s mom, Lisa, frequented the bar, Masses, in Walnut Creek and met Mike at the age of 21 when he was a bartender there. Mike began working at as a bar back at Masses at age 17, and stayed for a decade before moving on in his career.Fast forward several years when Lisa and Lauren were on their way out to a friend’s house. Lisa wanted to go Masses and have "one" drink; Lauren did not want to go, but said yes, and destiny stepped in.

Although Mike had stopped working at Masses five years prior, he was covering a shift the night that Lauren and Lisa stopped in. Mike remembered Lisa, and walked over to say hello and take their drink order. Mike asked, "Who is this?" and Lisa replied, "Oh, this is my baby; this is my daughter." He then replied with "Where have you been hiding her?" to which Lisa replied, "Well, she wasn't 21 so I couldn't take my underage daughter to the bars." Mike texted Lauren the next day and let her know he was covering another shift at Masses if she and her mom would like to stop by. They went to the bar that night, and after ending his shift early, Mike hung around the bar visiting with them. After that night, they talked for a few weeks and eventually started spending every day together. It got to a point where Lauren was packing bags back and forth until one day Mike said that she should start to hang the clothes in the closet. From then on, she kept bringing more and more of her stuff, until she was pretty much moved in. 

That was six years ago. Everyone is so happy Lauren said yes to that one drink.
Mike knew Lauren was something special and said, "I'm serious, where have you been hiding her?" After a long chat, he ended by telling Lisa that Lauren was his future wife and that he hoped to marry her daughter someday. Lauren thought Mike was funny and crazy but never dreamed he would be her husband one day. That night, when Lisa and Lauren were leaving, the now-married couple exchanged numbers.

Fast forward to the wedding at the home Lisa shares with her husband, Carl. The couple knew they wanted a small, intimate wedding and decided to invest in what was most important to them. Lauren wanted to begin the day with beautiful photos of her getting ready and conclude after the ceremony with family formals and romantics. 

By having 6 hours of time on their beautiful day, this allowed for detail shots of the rings, dress, shoes, and more to be thoughtfully laid out and documented without being rushed. We captured the moment prior to both Mike and Lauren walking down the aisle, along with family formal photos and romantics. 

In order to help the day run smoothly, longtime family friend, Kellie, assisted behind the scenes, and also helped Mike and Lauren, as they wanted to wait until the walk to the alter to see each other for the first time. 

The ceremony was beautiful and guests enjoyed food from Eilsa's Catering. Juan, the owner, was the head chef at Monicatinis' in Walnut Creek for over 20 years. It was always his dream to own his own catering company and he was so happy to be a part of Lauren and Mike’s day. In Lisa’s kitchen, he prepared and assembled a beautiful assortment of appetizers for the guests to enjoy following the ceremony. 
The wedding was memorable for everyone and is the perfect example of how you can have a beautiful day in your very own backyard. 

Wedding dress in Window
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