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Model Call Prep Work

Congratulations on being chosen for the model call
Thank you for applying for the model call and congratulations on being selected. 
Our newborn session will take place in a studio located in Pleasant Hill.  The session itself can take onwards up to 3 hours which allows plenty of time for feedings, cleaning up accidents and most importantly, sleep.
The two photographers that you will be meeting with are Yuri Pettengill and Karen De Jager. The point of the model call is to have images taken of both Yuri and Karen individually while working with your little one.
Inordertomakethemostofour time together, we willneedyourhelp with thefollowing:

Before you leave the house
The majority of the pictures will work best if your baby is asleep. Playing with your baby and keeping them awake prior to your arrival is helpful. The goal is to have your baby awake at least an hour prior to our session.Try and avoid feeding your baby up to two hours prior to the start of our session. When you get to the studio…

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