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Newborn Session Prep Sheet

Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby Newborn  sessions take place in my home studio when your baby is between 4 and 12 days young. The session itself can take onwards up to 3 hours which allows plenty of time for feedings, cleaning up accidents and most importantly, sleep. In   order   to   make   the   most   of   o ur  time together, I  will   need   your   help  with  the   following : Before you leave the house The majority of the pictures will work best if your baby is asleep.  Playing with your baby and keeping them awake prior to your arrival to the studio is helpful. The goal is to have your baby awake at least an hour prior to when you need to leave for our session. The key to a successful newborn session is milk, milk and more milk. If formula is an option, it is ideal as babies will be in a deeper sleep than breastfed babies.  Try and avoid feeding your baby up to two hours prior to when you need to leave your home for our session. Ju

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