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10 Tips for Choosing Outfits for Family Photos

There are so many ways to create beautiful photos that capture your family at this time in life. Having your family members in the right outfits can really impact how well your photos turn out. But, don’t panic and think that your photos might be ruined if you don’t pick the perfect outfits. With a few simple ideas, you’ll be able to choose great outfits that your family looks good in and that photograph well. 

1. Coordinate colors in the clothing without being an exact match. Bridal parties are the one time that having people all in the same color works well. For family photos, choose one or two main colors and coordinate items that work well together.

2. Have everyone wear a version of the same color and mix solids and patterns. For example, one person can wear a pattern, such as stripes, and another person would wear a solid that is the color of the stripes. Another family member could wear another pattern, for example, subtle polka dots with those colors, and perhaps another main co…

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