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Beautiful Greek Orthodox Baptism

When capturing photos of a religious ceremony, it’s important to me as a photographer that I capture the meaningful moments in a respectful way. Attending my first Greek Orthodox Baptism was a beautiful experience and I am excited to share about it with you.The baptism, which officially begins your life as a practicing Christian, took place at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Church in Oakland. The ceremony was beautiful and consisted of two parts. First, the baptism, and then Chrismation. During the baptism, the little one is submerged in water and cleansed of sins. Following the immersion, the priest places the child in the arms of the Godparents in a new white sheet symbolizing the soul’s purity. It was through the Godmother’s sister that I met this family and was asked to photograph this important day.Following the baptism, the little one is Chrismated (anointed) with oil to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Three locks are cut from the child's hair in the form of a cross. The…

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