100-day baby session

In the United States, newborn photo sessions in the first 10 days of life are very common and I spend a good amount of my time as a photographer working with newborns. I met Daisy, Steve, and daughter Elena when they booked me for a traditional newborn session. It was at that time that Daisy explained to me that in China it is more common to have a 100-day session rather than do newborn photos. I love when we can bring traditions from other cultures into photography and was honored when they called to book me for a session when Elena would be 100 days old.

Though I had never done a 100-day session before, I was so excited to make it happen. It’s fun to see babies again past the newborn phase; Elena was able to stay awake longer, smile, and look for reactions in those around her. Her personality made for some beautiful photos.

Daisy and I worked together prior to the session to plan on the goal images and determining everything that we would need to make the photos happen. This included purchasing wraps, two different versions of her name in a banner form, outfits and other items necessary. While we were planning, so was Steve. He created the “00” for our 100 photo.Part of what I love about this session is that it captures who Elena is, at 100 days old. The stats represent where she is on that day, and this was important to Daisy and Steve. 

Traditionally, when these stats are included for newborns, it’s from when they were born rather than one the day of the photos. And, we don’t often capture these stats after newborn photos. Sometimes they’re included in first-year photos, but 100 days is such a nice time to revisit growth and change.On the day of the session, everyone worked together to take some amazing photos. Steve was an incredible assistant, helping to clear an area to photograph in, and helping pose Elena on the log bed, which was handcrafted by my Dad! He was so involved in helping the session go smoothly. Elena was also a big help too- While in the session I jokingly asked her to help me with holding the wrap and it seemed like she knew what I was talking about and really tried. It was such a sweet moment and I love the relationship that she and I have developed. When I saw her she greeted me with big beautiful eyes and had a huge smile. Another highlight of the day was including Steve’s parents in a photo. We incorporated elements from the 100-day photo to include. I love that we were able to capture three generations together. It took a team to make a fun and memorable 100-day session for baby Elena.


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