Capturing Special Family Moments

Tao and Ellen reached out to me, as many couples do, about having a family photo session. Their daughter Riley is turning two, they have another baby on the way, and they want to capture their special time. Tao and Ellen recently learned that their photographer was moving away and needed to find another photographer to document their family milestones. Ellen said "Luckily we found Karen, loved the style of her work and booked!”

I was so excited that as part of this session, Ellen wanted to include a surprise gender reveal to Tao and Riley (and me!) so that they could use these photos as an announcement to friends and family about the gender of their second child. This is such an important session and to trust me with it was very cool!

When Ellen was pregnant with Riley, both she and Tao waited to learn the gender together, at their shower. This time though, Ellen wanted to know and Tao wanted to wait so they came up with the idea of surprising Tao with it as part of this session. I loved watching his face as the blue balloons floated out of the box. Photography is an amazing way to capture life's important moments and I am always so honored to be included in these moments, especially when there’s something that is so personal and private involved. 

We had so much fun capturing different photos not only to commemorate the reveal, but to celebrate Riley’s second birthday through milestone photos, and capturing them as a family of three. I’m looking forward to their newborn photos in March when baby brother arrives!

Part of what I loved about their family is that in looking at these pictures, you would never know there was a bit of chaos leading up to the session. After being late from horrible holiday traffic we only had about five minutes of sunlight left. Not to mention the fact that it was freezing outside – but that’s what I love about photographs. Even with all of that we can still capture amazing moments and we make it work!

I loved how sweet Riley was with her parents and her baby brother. Afterward, Ellen told me "This was a really fun session! I think the second Riley saw [your] stash of goodies (especially the pinecones) she relaxed more and found her happy place. My favorite moment was when we did the pose with Riley’s ear to my belly. I don't think she had ever done that before and it was such a sweet moment!" 

Taking the photos at Heather Farms Park was the perfect location for the variety of photographs we did. Ellen and Tao liked the natural settings and the ability to take both posed photos and candids. As a photographer, I love when we have a location that provides places for both types of photos. After the rush to get there, the photos turned out beautiful and I loved being a part of this family of three’s special moment. 


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